Sunday, 22 April 2012

From Her Diary

Kelly wakes up to the morning light feeling not rested enough. She could still feel her emotions out of control. The past few days had been hectic for her, pressured and crushed from all sides, from relationships to college work. Everything just seemed to have been blown out of proportion. With a sigh she stepped out of bed. Today she decided she would do things differently. She was going to be late for class,she did not feel like doing it but she was going to do it anyway. She knew it would be worth it afterwards. It was always worth it.
“Knock! Knock!” on her door before she could even take a step. She gave another heavy sigh and decided to get the door first. It was her next door neighbor Liz. She was one of Kelly’s good friends she had made here in campus. She was hardworking, principled, self-driven and very mature, the qualities she herself possessed but she just had one problem, when it came to parties she was just a maniac on the loose and sometimes she would compromise a lot. Liz had managed to drag her to one or two of her wild parties and she hadn’t really appreciated the environment there. And now here she was again trying to convince her to attend yet another.