Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Everyday's Little Gifts.

Finally I show up on my blog lol. I agree it has been a while since I was last here, though once in a while I check in to read my own articles and uplift my spirits and just set a better day.
Last time I was here I left on the note of me working on being ‘The Woman’. I am still working on it, it never fails to cross my mind every day and I thank God for that daily reminder, but today I will blog about something else. It will not be long so keep reading.
Today I just want to thank God. 

I thank God for this blog that helps me reach out to people. I thank God for giving me the ideas on what to write, I thank God for the food that is actually cooking as I type this, some don’t have anything within their reach right now.
 I thank God for my friends and my neighbours. Whatever situations I experience with them, good or bad, I am glad I have them because I learn a lot on living and dealing with people, as Joyce Meyer says; you cannot be good with God and wrong with man.
 I thank God for my sister Cynthia. I thank God that she helps me grow in Him.
I thank God for mummy. For all the prayers she says every night for us. And I thank God for answering her, look at her three daughters, they are all rooted in Christ.

 I thank God for daddy. For embracing the role of leading the family and working hard on it.
I thank God for my better half. For building me and supporting me with this blog and for making sure I attend church every Sunday :-D
I thank God for my other siblings, for being a havoc and also for being the sweetest thing I know.
I thank God for my shoes. Some have nothing to wear. I thank God for my clothes, for my education, for my smileJ, for my phone, for everything.
Most importantly I thank God for my Bible. Every day I know more about You. Sometimes I feel I am not worth to write this blog but I remember that God, You do not care about me out of duty or obligation. You like me. You love me.
I thank You God for everyone and everything I have and that is why it will be a waste if I don’t learn to enjoy them.