Friday, 18 January 2013

The Grand Weaver

In life we meet all kinds of people. We are born in a family and each member is special. There is the funny one, the loud one, the greedy one, the annoying one, the peaceful one but each one holds a special place. As we proceed with growth we meet friends. The story-teller, the complainer, the hustler, the hard-worker, the lazy one, the mature one, the grumpy one and some of these people come into our lives not by mistake but through God. Someone once told me if you find you cannot stand a person but they simply cannot go away then you probably are the problem. God will not take that person away until you learn how to swallow your pride or how to be kind or how to be humble or how not to take offence easily through that person. It is all different for all of us.
The same way God introduces people in our lives for our benefit is the same way the evil one sets traps for us by introducing the wrong kind of people for his benefit. A few days ago I had a good read on friendship:
“A well-intentioned but weak friend is sort of like a paper coat — a good concept, perhaps, but not worth much when the rains start. One of the best investments you can make in your early 20s is to learn the art of creating and sustaining deep friendships. Keep in mind, though, that the friends you have at 24 years of age may not be the ones who you should take with you on the journey to 42. This is something that few people really think about.Men and women who have lived satisfying lives — the ones who have truly sucked the nectar out of life and are glad they have done so have learned to be intentional about cultivating, and occasionally DISCARDING, friends. Friendship is, at heart, a yearning to belong. "Buddy movies" or sitcoms like "Friends" are popular precisely because, as in the old sitcom Cheers, we all long for a place where "everybody knows your name." But when wanting to belong to any particular group becomes more important to us than belonging to the family of God, friendship can become a debilitating force. We can shape what we take pride in, and what we're ashamed of, and the group of people we hang out with have a powerful role in shaping that sense. You want friends who inspire you, who challenge you to become more courageous, not more corrupt.”                           The Dangerous Beauty of friendship
It can be a whole lot confusing but through God you can be able to pinpoint who the person you need to move away from is and sometimes it is not always the one we expected. Think about a man having to abandon a woman he loves or a friend having to end a very long friendship. It is never easy but if it’s the will of God you can only trust Him to know why even when you do not. Your paths may cross in future or they may not. Whatever the case, Trust God. He is the Grand Weaver.


  1. Lovely work dea, am glad there are people like you who have taken bold steps in testifying about Jesus Christ and encouraging others towards His realm, may He richly reward you.

  2. Thank you so much. Testifying for Christ is what i live for:) Glad you visited


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