Tuesday, 15 January 2013

What Love Is This?

Dear Jesus,
Before I knew myself You knew me. Before I loved myself You loved me. Before I knew my purpose You always knew it. As I sank in my gruesome negative thoughts You never changed Your mind about me. You think I am amazing. You think I am outstanding. You think I am beautiful and able and strong and brilliant. You think my value is far more than that of rubies and gold. In my disobedience I leave Your path but You never let go. You were always watching and protecting. You are always there. What Love is this?
In my desperation I sought others before you. In my foolishness I put trust in my own self and not You. In my self confidence I fell in traps set for me by the enemy who knows I am nothing without You. But You dusted me when I was dusty. You comforted me when I was bruised, You picked me up when  I was in a pit and gently brought me back to You. What Love is this?
I ran from You. I pursued my dreams and put You aside. I loved what I should not have and adored what I am not supposed to. I make my own plans and do no ask for Your help, how selfish. In my happy times I celebrate with others. In my sad times I cry alone. But You were always there waiting for me to seek You and with my broken heart I did. You comforted me. You stilled my heart. You righted my wrongs. You gave me strength. What Love is this?
In my imperfection I am made perfect in You. In my weakness I am made strong in You. In my darkest Valley I am stripped of all fear. In my disobedience I am made wiser. What Love is this?
I cannot think of anything or anyone more in this world who has been so faithful to me even when I was faithless. I cannot find words to describe my gratitude. I break down at the thought of how lucky I am to be Your daughter.
Your Love is Pure. Your Love is Patient. Your Love supersedes all that can be compared to it. Your Love Jesus is what I need most. Your Love is what gives me strength. Your Love Jesus….is AMAZING.
Your Daughter Gertie :)

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  1. This is good. Oh, so good! My heart echoes the same sometimes.


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