Saturday, 8 June 2013


2 years. Yes two they are. I cannot define all the feelings I have and have had during this period but to sum these feelings up, I feel wonderful! Do not wonder much what these two years are for, they are the years I have known my Maker, My Husband (Isaiah 54:5) Yes I do keep count:) So I guess it is fair for me to say Happy Birthday Gertie. Two years down, forever more to go.

This past year had a lot of things in store for me. Things that have shaped me. Things that have built me. Things that have taught me much! Things that I am forever grateful. This blog is basically to keep a diary of my spiritual journey, anyone who reads it and is blessed, draws hope or strength from it, Glory is to The Lord. 

Being a Christian is a lifestyle, and to accept a lifestyle, there is a gradual transitioning and acceptance of change. Take the example of a woman who wants to switch to a healthy lifestyle. She will begin by walking more than usual in a day and gradually move to running, or begin by taking a fruit a day to completely replace junk food with fruits and healthy meals. 

That is how it is working with me. This is one of the lessons that became clear to me during the last year. I was rushing myself. I was rushing God. I wanted to be everything. I lied to myself I no longer had anger problems. I convinced myself I no longer had problems with negativity. I got to a point where I even forgot it is about Jesus and why He died. The concept of grace totally escaped my mind. I refused to work under God’s terms. I refused to trust Him. I forgot patience is what produces a good work(James 1:2-4) This led me to become irritable, depressed, anti-social, unhappy and a life out of balance.  My better half experienced this first hand and many times he wondered what my problem was. And I finally realized my problem. Patience with yourself is key. As you progress with God, He is patient with you, so should you be. Anything good He has started He will see it to completion (Philippians 1:6) 

Life out of balance. The bible says be alert, be vigilant for your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. (1 Peter 5:8) Being vigilant is to keep watch. Stay sober. Stay in balance. Twice I have listened to preaching talking about enjoying everyday life. Many Christians get encouraged to stop living. No more movies. No more having a good time. Every time you are on a date you are prophesying and preaching to your partner and worshiping in the car. Have you ever seen such people? They have some common characteristics. They do not smile or laugh easily. They are bitter. It is hard for them to overlook a wrong done. (Bible says wise is He who overlooks a mistake) They are good at condemning and demand a lot of perfection. (From their husbands/wives, friends and even themselves). They do not want to be patient with people.  They try to be righteous to look acceptable. They always isolate themselves.  They remind me of Pharisees, I do not know about you.

I go out and have clean fun. I go for movies. I listen to other music apart from gospel (There are some good songs out there). I LIVE. Bible says laughter is like medicine.(Proverbs  17:22) My day starts with 1.5-2hours of my time with God and the rest of the day I am absorbed into other activities. A Church once convinced a woman to lose her job and stay in church 24 hours, God will provide. If you look at scripture, the proverbs 31 woman worked. Her husband worked. If you look at the description, she wakes up early to work. She is cheerful about the future, she is kind. A woman in balance is kind and cheerful. Do not forget to live and do not forget your Maker. Stay in balance.

Value. Bible says there is nothing here nor in the Heavens not even the angels can separate us from the Love of God. (Romans 8: 38-39).  Most of the time we base our future on our past. We replay all our mistakes every day in the morning when we wake up and have a bad day because we are having a hard time appreciating ourselves. No one is perfect.  You call God a liar when you say no one sins ( 1 John :10) Many people get beat down because of something they did. A girl who has slept with many men is being abused and condemned. A thief is being cursed. It is not fair that you speak words of death to someone who has done a mistake and then go to church to worship God. The same God asks you to correct with love someone who sins and pray for them. Love the person! Nothing you ever do can devalue you. If you are not a virgin, you have value! If you  stole, you have value! It is your sin that should be condemned. God says if you do wrong ask him to forgive you. Simply ask. Not wallow in your sin and move away from Him. He yearns for you to be close to Him.  Jesus died for your sins and there is no sin too big that cannot be covered.

Seek God and make Him the center of your life. Learn His Character. Know His heart. Sometimes we stay away from Him because we do not know Him. 

These are few of those things I have learnt. Adding them to my life has been amazing. The last time I was here was January, it is now June and I can say life is good:)
God’s Girl.



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