Sunday, 16 February 2014

Date: Saint Valentine's

So the alleged Lover’s day has finally arrived, and there are many posts in every nook and cranny of this global village talking about this day’s plans, various previous experiences and disappointments. Other posts decide to clear the air about what this day is actually all about, others comfort themselves for being alone(did you know a relationship with yourself is a beautiful thing and treating yourself is nice? I got myself two watches) others marketing and commercializing the day, and others, like my post here is just another random Feb 14th post, yes, very random.

Time: 5:00

Oh why sweet precious why do I torture myself sometimes? Battles with myself are actually at their peak during my mornings. I almost always have to command myself to move “Gertie you need to shower”, “Gertie you have slept enough” and when I do not listen to myself, an hour later is followed by “Gertie you can be quite an idiot” I drag myself out of my bed and shower.

Time 6:30

I have managed to beat the grogginess. I am all alert and queuing for a Matatu. I really love mornings, meeting people at their freshest. You can be sure everyone on that queue has showered and most importantly, they have fresh breath, unless otherwise. Twenty minutes later a mat has not arrived, I eavesdrop on the conversation the lady behind me is having with a supposed friend. Before you judge me, she called the friend, she was not called so she has no problem with me listening in, and I was bored anyway.

 “Its been 3months imagine, nilirudi normal. Sasa itabidi nianze kusacrifice kurudi kuspend time na yeye, otherwise mtoi atabaki ameongea lugha ya mboch”

Oh, motherhood, I think. 

Time 7:30

Halfway in the traffic jam. To my disappointment I have not carried my novel to kill time, so I am left with Maina and King’ang’i, I will not even comment on those two. I pull out my phone and I somehow  land on a friend’s blog. She has such good posts! I love them because I sort of relate to some. Do read them when you can. I decide to tweet but the internet is so down I cannot even load. I give up. I stare for long and as expected I lie back and close my eyes, I get sleepy again.

Time 8:00

We are entering CBD. I sit up and look outside, and that is how it began, with a red shoe at the far end of a street. Its Valentines, my mind registers. And the rest of the red then gushes in, like they were waiting for me to realize. A red coat, red trouser, red skirt, even a tiny red hint, I could tell. Some men have on red too. I start to smile. It is hard not to think they had spent days getting ready and preparing..just to put on red on this day. 

Time: Some minutes past 8:00 A.M

I am walking towards Westland’s stage. The whole week has been a disastrous mess with PSV Vehicles not being available. For three days consecutively I have been treated to a flood of people and not a vehicle in sight. You know what that means? A bloodbath. Even that phony lady with an accent  and taking tiny steps in her heels turn into something different when a PSV arrives. You could never have guessed she could make such long strides and hit people hard with her elbows. I look towards the direction and to my luck, things are normal today. Valentine’s gift maybe?

Time: Some more minutes past 8:00 A.M

We are leaving CBD headed to Westlands. I cannot stop looking at the red! I have already counted the number of ladies in red in the vehicle I’m in. No man. Maybe this is a woman’s day?  Don’t attack. Anyway we move and I see a red car. Was that bought for today? Or rather painted? The latter is more comforting. I see a man holding roses in bunches in one arm and a stand in the other, and he is running. Heel on back pocket running. Business heating up already? Morning lovers to surprise their partners with a rose in the office maybe? 

I am sure a number of us saw the Pulse bevy at the roundabout. Beautiful ladies, the conductor almost fell off. 

The posters and billboards, some are red. Have I never noticed that?

Finally I alight and head to class. Fast forward to midday. I am back in town. The hawkers here! Flowers are being sold at just 50bob. It’s buzzing. I can imagine the lunch dates that are ongoing. I spot a man with a violet gift bag with roses and gifts, but he does not know where the supposed ‘love of his life’ lives so he is asking for directions from conductors. Women, crafty enough?

Jewellery shops are packed. I did not imagine women would be buying things today. But clearly mistake is mine. I am also shopping for something for my sister.

Time: Somewhere in the afternoon.

We leave town, and did I mention the traffic Jam in the morning was not mad? That was saved for the evening dates.

So, day goes on and I spend my moments with my sister. And aside from the messages and calls and ka M-pesa :) the grocer man gives us our first gift in person. Pineapples, he knows well.

I hope you enjoyed yours.
This is a photo of me and my sister in pearl bracelets:):)
Much Love,

PS:God Loves You.





  1. Yes, the Pulse chicks. Saw them. That photo of the bus rush. LOL I totally relate. Thanks for the blog mention. :)

    1. Haha Its always interesting to watch others until it happens to you. You are welcome:)

  2. i like, thanks for the mention. its been years of reading your writings nd i admit...i like

  3. Thanks so much Jess, highly appreciated:)


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