Tuesday, 11 February 2014

She is..

She labored for months to bring me into this world, and when she did, she always washed my bottoms when I pooped (My older sister at that time had problems pronouncing the name Gertrude so whenever mum cleaned me up she would say “Fuu Kututu ananuka!”, I take pride in that name:) ) She gave me undivided attention, tender care. She made sure we went to bed full and we were always clothed, nicely clothed.

She is the woman who no matter how many children, she knows each by heart and she works her back off to make sure they are happy. She is the woman who always cares and adores when all the others forget how to. She is the woman who gives up high heels, a corporate job and her body just to love. She is the woman most patient, teaching little by little. She is the woman who keeps her house, when she says goodnight it does not mean dashing directly to bed but making sure the gates and doors are locked, the pets have been fed, the prayers have been said, the kitchen is clean and there is ample food to start off the following day, her children have a warm place to sleep and her husband has everything he needs. She is the woman who always goes down on her knees for her family no matter what!

She is the mother. 

She held my hand walking to school (noting that I overslept and she is mad). She was protective of me, even though I ran to mum all the time to say it really was her fault. We were best friends in Nursery school, still are. She picked on me and I did the same. We shared the same clothes and the same bed. Walked together with the same hairstyles and clothes so that people could call us twins (I am only 1yr 9mths younger than her). Watched movies together, played house together (and this is where childhood became madness, the things we did! Burning our hairs on the air inlet of a jiko pretending it’s a salon, and slapping on fake accents acting like grown women lol, and stealing my mother's shoes for that matter.). We even got lost when our attempt to have a picnic in one of the estate hills went sour. I vividly remember it like it was yesterday. I actually felt like I was right smack dab in the middle of the movie Homeward Bound, because we went to the drawing board and planned our survival tactics, from how we would sleep to how we would use the picnic snacks sparingly!

She is the woman who no matter how far you are she always remains your best friend. She is the woman no matter what you do she will always love you. She is the woman who will be brutally honest with you.  She is the woman who always understands when mom and dad do not, and when she is rushing to go out and cannot catch your eye, best believe she is wearing your sweater or earrings!

She is the sister.

Coffee, no Ice-cream dates to discuss the new hot stuff in your life. Partner in crime and sticks faithfully by your side when you get caught. Takes you on shopping sprees and somehow always manages to get you to buy something for her or you manage to get her to chip in on the expenses. Calls you out when you are walking the wrong direction, knows your good bad and ugly, your ambitions and fears. She is basically your girl and will be there when you need her.

She is the friend.

“A daughter is a special joy”, is what was hanged in our house for a long time, it still is there. When this daughter grows up she becomes someone’s friend, wife and mother. So it translates to a woman is a special joy. A son is also a special joy differently but I am a woman I will talk about what I relate to. A woman is so many things in one; the above three describe some of those attributes. A woman should always embrace her femininity; leave the masculinity to the men! As a woman I have come to realize there are things that are just paramount to have.

1.       Speak to edify. We are always so controlling and wanting things our way, and so critical too.  “How can they not see it the way I do?” And this always happens to impact our fellow brothers. A woman should learn to speak to her son, brother, husband and any other person she comes in contact with. Tame the tongue.
Proverbs 11:22 Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout is a beautiful woman who shows no discretion.

2.       Take care of yourself. You have no excuse here. Stop chilling with stockings on your head all day. Embrace your beauty and make yourself look good for you. Whether you shop at Gikomba or Mr. Price, according to your capability, both have decent clothes. Guard your health and body, drop some unattractive habits.

3.       Have an entrepreneurial mind. Bible says Man is the provider and protector yes but it also does not say sit on your bum all day and do nothing, matter of fact you are expected to wake up early. Be smart; use your skills, talents to bring in income.
Proverbs 31:18 She sees that her trading is profitable and her lamp does not go out at night.

4.       Stop chasing relationships, sex and men for validity. Everyone is looking for acceptance but for some reason it always weighs in more on the women. There is only one person who puts value on you and that is God. Stop trusting man. Embrace seasons where you are alone  and be comfortable with it because you understand your worth is not tied down to any man. 

5.       Chase God. I will leave it that simple. Chase Him and you will be surprised at what you have been missing

So, woman, of whatever race, Rock on! You are a backbone to many, do not try to change a thing. And men, of whatever race, appreciate that woman. She is so many things!

Much Love,


P.S : God Loves you.



  1. "Stop chilling with stockings on your head all day. Embrace your beauty and make yourself look good for you."


  2. I think I'll read this to my mum..

  3. Maaaaaeeeen! I came to reread this one and now I have tears in my eyes. Happy tears. Proud tears. (Tears of pride I mean. Not that they are rolling down my cheeks, showing off with abandon.) And so so much love. Because I am a woman and being sensitive is something that comes with the package. And also because I just love you. :-)


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