Tuesday, 8 April 2014

My Anti-BucketList

Two terminally ill men escape from a cancer ward and head off on a road trip with a wish list of to-do’s before they die. That is the description of the Movie, The Bucket List (2007) from imbd.com. These two men come up with bucket lists and embark on an around the world tour.  They go skydiving, visit Taj Mahal, ride motorcycles on the Great Wall of China and eat dinner at Chevre d’Or in France (however you pronounce that)

The term bucket list originated from the term “kick the bucket” which means to pass on, and I sure as eggs is eggs do have my list, which I seem to keep adding one or two things every other day. God knows if I will be able to do all of them but I hope to live long enough to. Everyone has something they want have to do before they die. Everyone has a bucket list whether you realize it or not. 

It is always interesting to hear what people want to do; from bungee jumping to taking part in a flash mob (I secretly am obsessed with flash mobs), visiting the birthplace of your ancestors to dancing like a fool and not caring who is looking, scuba diving to helping an animal give birth, visiting the Great wall of China to walking the stairs to the top of the Statue of Liberty. 

So, as my bucket list reminds me every day what I want to do before I kick the bucket, I also have some things I do not want to do. My anti-Bucket list. Things I dread ever doing out of my own will or out of circumstance, here we go.

1.       Bungee Jumping.
Yes, bungee jumping. This is on so many people’s bucket lists but mine. It is a supposed thrilling event but to me that is a death sentence! I am scared of heights, who knows, I might be shocked to death while on it.

2.       Be In a cave with Bats.
I am a big fan of batman. Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises are in fact on my list of favorite movies. I actually would pick Batman over Superman. But real bats are unfortunately nothing like Bat man. I have a great fear of bats that I once shoved my laptop to fall down because a picture of a bat came on.

3.       Rollercoaster.
Has anyone watched that horror movie Final Destination? I don’t even know whether it was 2 or 3 but it gave me my biggest fear out of a movie to date. I do not ever want to be in a rollercoaster, and that brings me to my next one.

4.       Movie Marathon with horror movies.
I once lied to myself I can handle horror movies. The likes of people getting stuck somewhere and dying one by one I can handle, but I still have to have company. I watched the first few minutes of Wrong Turn, oh dear. I can never take part in anything that is designed to willingly give me nightmares.  This is therefore a BIG pass.

5.       Own a Cat.
I hate cats. I hate them because I find them very menacing. One minute they look at you very pleasantly the next they have drawn out their claws. Really? If I am left with a cat, I will just look at it. That thing they do around people’s legs makes me feel nice about them but not enough to change my mind. I will never keep a cat.

6.       Go to prison.
I am nice. It can never happen :)

7.       Getting stuck in a cloth item in a room alone.
It is always annoying that getting it on is simple but then alas, drama when it is time to undress. I hate that feeling. I have had those moments where I literally feel like Houdini. Those are the moments you wish you could just flex your muscles out of it. I almost cried once because the T-Shirt could not get past my neck. It’s like a mini heart-attack, trust me. I always have to confirm zippers and elastic bands in clothes before trying them on.

8.       Read 50 shades of Grey.
So contractual sex is meant to be sexual bliss? And who is excited about BDSM anyway? My Opinion.

9.       Get excited about a movie/series that involves a vampire who isn’t Dracula.
I think I am the only person alive who did not enjoy Twilight. What is a Vampire movie without Dracula? Even Hotel Transylvania knows that.

10.   I will never be too old for Animations.
Never happening, even when I am a grandmother, I will always keep tabs on the latest Animations. Yes, I will be up to date like that.

11.   Give up my Spiritual Journey.
Jesus means so much to me it is not a matter of discussion.

Add your own anti bucket list alongside your bucket one.



  1. This was so brilliantly written I cannot seem to find the right words or phrases to essentially describe it.

  2. i always pass them, now ill be reading them :)


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