Friday, 2 May 2014

Black Girl. Beautiful Affair.

What is beauty? If Lupita could bag People’s World’s most beautiful person with a skin that others would not consider beautiful then what really is beauty? Beauty is embracing yourself, flaws and all. Beauty is having confidence in being under your own skin. Beauty is loving yourself the way you are. When you see yourself as beautiful then the world will have no option but to catch up with you.

Walking around, it is quite comforting to see ladies donning their natural hair. Being a black girl, black hair is quite a hassle! That is why we often opt for other hairstyles like braids (which is a protective hairstyle if properly braided) and weaves (If properly taken care of I hear they are not very bad. I had them once they did not last a week). But having sometime to flaunt what is truly yours makes you feel better about yourself. 

Natural hair and natural skin without make up can either make you feel like heaven or hell. And here is where the problem comes, because we lack the knowledge or are simply ignorant about how to take care of what is naturally ours, we neglect ourselves hence we do not trust ourselves to look beautiful without the oh so glorious concealer. We cannot rock our natural hair because we have such poor care regime for it, it eventually comes off weak.

Growing up, I always knew when you wash your hair you have to always use heat on it to straighten it. My mother, thankfully, used to straighten it out for us with minimum heat and pulling. She also always washed our hair with the tips of her fingers and always conditioned after the shampoo, no wonder we had beautiful hair while young. In high school, I resorted to relaxers but now I am transitioning back to natural, I am 8 months in I can proudly say.

Being beautiful as I said is about embracing yourself. When you love yourself you will always make time for yourself. People go to great heights to fix themselves while sometimes the answer is just as simple as take care of yourself.
You see, beautiful hair and skin do need some effort but the results are always amazing. And the great thing is you do not really need to purchase the ever expensive creams and lotions at the counter. You can use natural and cheap equipment. A simple facial weekly is worth it. Skin exfoliators are available at as low as 300/= and you can use rosewater as a toner, which is available at just 80/=. Face masks can be made out of fruits such as lemon, bananas and avocados, Glycerin works great to smoothen skin and such oils like coconut, olive and castor oil have great benefits for the hair and skin too.

It is easy to complain about acne and black spots but you sleep with make-up and/or without cleansing your skin, do not get rid of dead skin and you eat fruits after a decade. It is easy to complain about bad hair but you are always heating it weekly and pulling the edges with different ‘fancy’ styles. 

So, find a simple skin and hair care regime and you will soon be flaunting what is naturally yours to the world! You will also find that make up blends well when your face has been given its time and attention i.e. You won’t have to put too much concealer and risk clogging.
Everyone is beautiful whichever way they are (short, tall, light, dark), but that should be no excuse for you to have bad breath or bad hair or poor hygiene. The same way you want your house to look good and to look fab in your clothes is the same way you should want to have lovely skin, hair, nails…your whole self generally.

Do something for yourself this weekend!

Ciao :*



  1. "It is easy to complain about acne and black spots... and you eat fruits after a decade." Me. *sigh* But I am totally trying to feed better nowadays. It will go in its own time. :) Beauty is a mindset.

  2. You have said it, Beauty is a mindset. Hehe how many decades so far? I just started looking at what I eat this year actually and so far I like what I'm seeing.


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