Friday, 23 May 2014


If I could write a book I’d write about a woman, fine-looking and worthy. I’d speak of her value and shed light on her feebleness. I’d recognize her yearnings and tell of her trials. I’d write a paragraph too long about her smile and identify her distresses. If I could write a book I’d write about a man, well-built and muscular. I’d amplify his forte and tell of his flaws. I’d charm myself with his well-structured body and delight in his imperfections. I’d toy with his intelligence and affluence and also speak of his ludicrous self. If I could write a book.

If I could dance, I’d dance in the rain, splash the puddles with the beat. I’d dance under the stars smiling at a million sparks. I’d dance with the winds, swooshing and swaying. If I could dance, I’d dance in the fields, never ending my steps. I’d dance with the birds, swift change of moves. If I could dance. I’d dance to the heavens, get a glimpse of eternity. I’d dance with the fish, moving with the tide.

If I could sing, I’d sing about the sorrows of a broken girl, a fresh start beckoning. I’d sing about a new dawn, refreshing and rejuvenating. If I could sing, I’d sing about love, warm and meaningful. I’d sing about a journey, endless days on the road. If I could sing, I’d sing about my lover, possessive but affectionate. I’d sing about my Lord, full of Grace and abound with mercy. If I could sing.

If I could change a thing I’d change a decision to rid a baby, let it live a life. I’d change a war, let peace prevail. If I could change a thing, I’d change the destination of a path, lead me to a new exciting place. I’d change the weather, suit it to my desires. If I could change a thing I’d change a loss, appreciate before it’s gone. I’d change a heart, help it understand the soul replenishing things of life. If I could change a thing.

  Once in a while I have moments where I just sit and write whatever comes to mind, without planning or researching like I would another blog post, I call them Stream of consciousness days and this is one of them, a similar one I did was Quarter life crisis. I have a number of them, they are mostly written during emotionally wrecked days (I do have those), that is why they never make it to here; their sole purpose is to get my mind back into perspective. I wrote this one a while back after I heard a girl express deep regret over some things (little things can cause waves of emotions in me.) I thought it wouldn’t hurt to share it. 

Enjoy the weekend :*


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