Saturday, 21 June 2014


And just like that, it’s another year gone. Time does go by quite fast huh? Happy 23rd Birthday to this girl. Let the balloons burst, champagnes pop and the cakes get cut and let us be done with this. Not very excited about my big day you ask? Not exactly, I just turned 23, I was hoping to be 22 till I die, I mean, my teen years were just the other day and now I am already getting plunged into total adulthood? I feel like a young girl trapped in a twenty something body.

 Either way, birthdays are precious days.  I always take time to reflect on my life, and how far I have come. So don’t be fooled I do feel good about this day and for that I will share 23 things about my life that are either interesting, funny or life lessons

1.        You are in charge of your own happiness. Growing up watching many Disney movies, happily ever after occurred when two people finally found true love and went against all odds to be together. That was my idea of happiness for a long time until I realized things do not exactly work that way on the real. Happiness is more than true love. Happiness is not someone else’s job and happiness can require you to fight yourself.

2.       My best friend since birth has been my elder sister. Apart from during our teen years because we could not really understand each other, we have grown closer since. She has been very supportive of me every step of the way. When I am with her, it’s always a peaceful feeling.

3.       I have a mole on my upper lip just beside my nose; my mother has a mole on her upper lip beside her nose too. I always think it is very cute :)

4.       Deal with your insecurities and esteem issues early. Take time to know yourself, understand yourself and most importantly FIND yourself. Doing this will make you feel comfortable about who you are. When you accept yourself nobody else’s’ opinion of you truly matters, and this helps you advance in life as you are not spending half the time and energy concerned about what people are saying. 

5.       Family is the best thing you will ever have. No one can talk to me about rebellion because, girl, I was rebellion itself. Ok, kidding, but I was quite unmanageable as a teen, not wanting to bond with family or attend any family gathering. Family was my enemy but now it’s my greatest love. Ask my sister.

6.       I always believed I would be a tall girl. In primary, I was among the tallest girls and I felt so proud but I got the memo later on when I joined high school and every other girl grew taller and I was left closer to the grounds. I wailed about it for a while but now I’m loving it. Short is fun-sizeJ, apart from the fact that when you walk up the stairs the person in front of you has his/her bottom right there on your face.

7.       I have a dimple. It is just one but it is a dimple. It is not very deep but it is my dimple and I love itJ. It’s on my right cheek.

8.       Smile at everyone you meet. People’s battles are not exactly written on their faces.

9.       I am crazy about the red angry bird.

10.   Learn the art of friendship. And this is not just about getting people to hang out with you. Can you be a loyal friend? Can you be a trusted friend? No man is an island, we all need each other, and it would be great if the people who needed you can always count on you. Be a friend to have a friend.
11.   Choose those friends wisely.  We all know that.

12.   BREAK THE RULES. Ok first be a responsible person, and then break the rules. Recently, someone was giving me rules to follow as a photographer and in my head I was thinking “I am going to break all of them, how else will I get creative?” So break rules and learn new things.

13.   I was bespectacled in class 6. I am one of those pioneers. Respect. (oh really, what’s there to respect about poor sight?)

14.   A walk of nature is a natural therapy session.

15.   Face your fears. Like I am planning to book a bungee jumping session. If  I die, I was facing my fears.

16.   You do not know everything about your future. Stop spending many nights thinking about it and let it go. Live a day at a time and make the most of each day.

17.   Be smart about your money. Be smart about your time. Check where your money is going and check how you are spending your time. 

18.   Learn/try something new once in a while. New recipe, new hair, new look, new genre of music or book. You might not like them all but it makes things interesting.

19.   Don’t be quick to judge. OFTEN TIMES, the people you are judging are hurting inside and are acting from their pain. You could judge a prostitute or you could go talk to her and understand what took her there and probably offer help. Some of the major addictions and socially unacceptable behaviors stem from people being broken, rejected, insecure, feeling inadequate etc. They are just an outward way of saying something is not right on the inside. If you are not in a position to help, be kind. A kind word soothes a rejected soul.

20.   As someone put it “Burn the candles, use the nice sheets, wear the fancy lingerie. Don’t save it for a special occasion. Today is special”. 

21.   If you get the chance to travel the world, never say no. It is a beautiful place out there!

22.   The dark and hard moments grow us and teach us some amazing lessons. Whenever you find yourself in a bad situation, look at the brighter side and ask, “What am I learning from this?”

23.   Follow your passions, money will follow. I was actually watching an interview of Sanaipei Tande recently and she said it “You cannot wake up one day and decide to be a singer. It takes time and sacrifice and why you are doing it, if you are doing it for the fame or money you will not go far but if you have the passion…”

24.   Learn to make prayer a thing of pivotal importance in your life. God is the best lesson I have had for the past three years and for the rest of my life I walk with Him.

Life is a beautiful thing when you have positive eyes. My birthday was superb and I thank all who made it what it was. I am now 22 years and a day :*



  1. :) :) Happy belated birthday girlfriend! Love the photos! Family rocks! You're probably more grown up than millions of adults out here. Beautiful piece as always.

  2. Thanks again dear, and thanks for reading. Family is a priceless gift.

  3. I think I have seen you grow from an inpatient teen to the mature lady you are today. It might be from a distance but I am proud of the strong lady you have become. Nice piece here and cheers to family!

  4. Yes Yozeh, you sure have:) and thank you, it's because of good friends like you who were supportive. Family is heaven on earth.

  5. You were a giant back in primary ..... Amazing piece....!! ★★★★


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