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Hey good people. Catch a post I did last week as a guest on a friend’s site, When an African Dances. Do Enjoy.

Strides turned to miles as she sauntered happily down the street. Occasionally she would do a slight but vibrant spin so that her dress did a twirl party with it, sweeping the air around it and settling back into position charmingly. She tapped and snapped to no audible music. It was all being played in her heart, a melody bursting with bliss, a rhythm vibrating with pleasure. Smiling vivaciously like the bright morning sun. Her laughter, resounding and reverberating as she moved past people, the people who were busy in their thoughts, full of activity on their phones, briskly moving without a second to grasp and appreciate a moment. She was like an intriguing rose in the midst of thorns.

“It’s good to be alive!” She said as she took a turn to head down the next street leading to the Boutique she always esteemed.

A woman with style is a woman to always keep around, is what she would always say. She adored fashion and oozed chic. Hers was simple however, simple but each time striking even in a crowd and she would sometimes highlight fashion columns because of her illustrious style, as they would term it.

Down she went as the weather took on an instant change. The recent meteorological conditions had become rather impulsive, you had to leave the house with alternate dress changes as one moment the heat is intolerable and the next the cold is very insistent. It was as if the weather gods were trying to make up their confused minds about what weather it should really be, or they simply were having a good time laughing at Homo sapiens. If at all, weather gods were existent.

Still, the cold was not sufficient to wipe the smile off her face. It was her best apparel any day and nothing was ever quite enough to take it from her. While wearing her jacket she felt a tap on her shoulder. Gentle as it was. She turned back and her heart elated as she let out a sweet sigh. 

He was her Alejandro and she his Lupita (due to lack of a better Mexican name, bragging rights.) Her evident Romeo and she, Juliet. They were the sun and moon to each other. They would go to the stars and back for each other and if it were possible, they would fly the magic carpet together and sing to A whole new world. Theirs was the embodiment of True Love. In their world, Joy, Laughter, Forgiveness, Peace and deepest Affection would be the name of the continents. They knew too well, what it meant to have a dream come true.

Hand in hand, they strolled. The sun could take away its rays, for all she cared; her warmth was right by her side.

In a heartbeat, when they were a stone’s throw from the Boutique, glass shattered, a scream pierced the air and a woman was running to their direction. This woman, the proprietor of the boutique. Always up-to-the-minute and very popular. Her life was all pizazz and glamour. She graced all Red carpet events in town, but despite her social status, she was very kind to every one she met. Her lovely smile and gentle heart cancelled out any intimidation stirred due to her expensive wear and exclusive cars. 

Before they could apprehend what was ensuing, a man behind the woman steadied his gun and POW!

Confused. Puzzled. Everything was blurred. Everyone scampering off in different directions. The woman was nowhere in sight. The gunman could not be located either. Her ears were ringing. Her breathing was heavy, her sight was blurry and her mind was clogged. Gradually she looked around, none a face she could identify. Then she looked down, and there in a pool of blood…laid her Romeo. 


Her smile faded and suddenly it did not feel so good to be alive.

 She looked up to the sky as the first raindrop hit her forehead and joined her tear in streaming down. 

In the midst of her sun filled life…

…it had showered.

PS: A friend is starting up a Project to enable young children up to the age of 18 have BOOKS in their hands and so I am calling out to people, especially those in Eldoret since I am currently located there. If you have books that are suitable for the above stated age group that you are willing to donate please contact me through or you can also find me in Moi University School of Information Sciences. For those in Nairobi contact all help will be HIGHLY appreciated. Help put a book in the hands of Kenya’s Children.


  1. Lupita's alejandro!!!!you never cease to impress....I like.

  2. Like a breath of fresh air.....


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