Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Good friendship is like well-sugared tea at just the precise amount of temperature, unhurriedly making its way down the throat and giving a sense of warmth to the body on a cold day, lifting spirits on a low day and keeping us hydrated on a thirsty day. 

It’s one of those minute things that may not have had a great meaning in our undeveloped years but as moons go by you get to recognize that though it is not among  the most talked about, it is one of the most important.

This past week has not been as smooth and the availability of friends and their willingness to help was what kept me pushing. Their presence and encouraging words are what made me rise and be able to face the day. Their offer of shoulders for me to weep on, and wept I did; is what put a smile on my face.  Their ability to understand and listen is what filled my soul with gratitude. Their open arms and time is what made me embrace the beauty of it all. 

True and good friendships are jewels. True and good friendships are things you cannot afford to take for granted. True and good friendships are what will give you reasons to keep moving when you cannot think of one. They will remind you of who you are and what you stand for when you forget to align your priorities. They will give you things to be thankful and happy for when all you want is to throw yourself in the next rubbish bin you find. 

They will always make a dull day bright.

They do not always have to know what is going on with you…

… but they will ALWAYS  give you something to smile about.


PS: A friend is starting up a Project to enable young children up to the age of 18 have BOOKS in their hands and so I am calling out to people, especially those in Eldoret since I am currently located there. If you have books that are suitable for the above stated age group that you are willing to donate please contact me through gertienyesh@gmail.com or you can also find me in Moi University School of Information Sciences. For those in Nairobi contact simulijunior@gmail.com all help will be HIGHLY appreciated. Help put a book in the hands of Kenya’s Children.



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