Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Just like the railway was endless, so were her thoughts. Sentence after sentence she formed in her head. Her voice loud and clear, vocalizing each one of them. Sentences that turned into paragraphs, paragraphs to pages and if they were to be put down on paper then they would require chapters.

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But what exactly was she thinking about? Sitting on the railway lines, glossy and reflecting the beautiful evening sun, her eyes looked to the horizon. Staring, appreciating the beauty of the rays on the green fields. The breeze bringing her hair to her face.

She thought about the little children she had recently grown fond of. These children, always jovial, always merry. Their laughter resounded in her head. Always laughing, talking, playing, they knew no problems, and even if they did, it was the least of their worries. Friendship is a beautiful thing. Sometimes it’s not the mature people in your life that challenge you to appreciate life, to evaluate your actions, to ENJOY your life. Sometimes it’s the ones you do not consider friends from the start.

These children, she remembered how she met them. A dumpster, located in the compound where she lived, waste was dumped and burned after a few days. During these days, pigs, goats, sheep and cows frequented it for food.  Were they less humans they had to feed with animals?
Photo credits: Gerty Photography

Although she cannot afford to feed them each a square meal a day, she always tries her best. Knowing them had taught her a lot. That those who have it all comfortable appreciate less than those with little do. That problems are to be looked at from the miniature view and not through the magnifier. That laughter cures the hearts’ problems.

She thought about school. Where the population constituted of different people from different backgrounds and only one thing was common in all of them, they were at the peak of their youth. The rich kids who knew nothing less than having fries, chicken and soda every mealtime and were always talking of massive entertainment plans every other day. The HELB loaners who try to compete with the rich kids but have worries of repayment at the back of their minds and so they work a little harder. They have business ideas sprouting out of their heads every fortnight. The fresh out of high school, who are experiencing peer pressure at its best, if at all they believed high school was the last of it, somebody lied.

 The older ones who have tried it all and have finally found themselves, well the lucky ones do. The heart-breakers, heartbroken and self-proclaimed Dr. Phil’s.  The self-styled fashion trendsetters, who are the epitome of fashion design. As somebody put it, everyday is a fashion runway in campus. The social media experts who are always tweeting, blogging and instagramming. Every moment needed to go digital and some defined the success of it in the name of followers and selfies with different girls. Ambition, fun and risk run this population. Young and energetic they are, with a focus to get the best out of life.
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She thought of herself. At what point did she become quite a thinker. She has always been one anyway. She thought of the beauty of everything she looked at and wished her eyes were accompanied with a shutter and film. Photography was her skill anyway, her passion, her hobby. The joy that came out of capturing a moment was something she experienced differently from others.
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Seated there on the rail, she wished she were a train. Travelling, drifting, and wandering. She loved to see the world and its different occupants. Going to space is written down somewhere under the title of her dreams. She is very curious, had she been a scientist the world would have to deal with different discoveries every other day. She wished she could speak more, but immediately wishes that wish away. She loved herself just the way she was. Seen and not heard, her true words reserved only for those who deserved it

Photo credits: Gerty Photography
The hoot of a train awakened her from her thoughts. Even though she walked away back to reality, her mind was always thinking about something, lost in wondrous and imaginative worlds. In the mind of a thinker, a lot happens that goes unsaid.

Photo credits: Gerty Photography



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