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Have you ever dedicated your thoughts, time and money to a particular thing you desire and when you finally get it, it slips off your hands even before you get used to the idea of having it? Well, take heart, I have been there and this is my story.

Passion is the one thing that despite all that can happen to you, it gives you the strength to forget it and start all over again. It is what keeps you from giving up and has you walking on the same path no matter how impossible the onlookers keep shouting it to be. Therefore, because of a cocktail of passion and hope, here I am, back in the game and this time with much more vigor. I feel like throwing all these I-don't-go-down phrases, you know…watch this space, I am down but I am not out, I am back in the game, but let us not get too much into that. 
I do not know why I put this photo here.

Growing up, I always watched my father taking pictures. We have thousands of pictures at home you can actually feel like you knew me as a child when you go through them. When we got to upper primary things got busy so there weren’t as many photo moments but the camera still lives and death to anyone who tries to take it out of his house without his permission. I tried it once and let’s say that is the day I understood what a booming voice is. 

The camera is a film SLR . Quick 101 for those who do not understand, SLR stands for Single Lens Reflex . It is a camera that you can manipulate the machinery and control the setting, basically it is not a point and shoot. Point and shoot are what most of the digital cameras you encounter are. All you need is to point, and shoot, all features are automatically offered. Since this is not a class, I will not dig deeper.

When I got into campus, that is when my photography instincts sparked. I used to live far off school and so during these walks to and from school, I would see the earth’s natural beauty, considering that it was during the golden hour, everything looked so breathtaking. Golden hour is roughly shortly after sunrise and before sunset when the sunlight is soft but has a gold feel. After a while, I decided to venture into the field but I only had a 2mp camera. It worked anyway. After all it takes more than the camera to make a good photo. 
These are hostels in Moi Uni. No, this is not the path I used to take.

So for many months I did mobile photography. Because the pixels were a lot less, it was somehow agitating and quite depressing. At that point I decided I needed a better camera. Taking an IT course, all my friends were investing in new phones, which is a good thing, but I had my eye on a camera.

After months, my dream came true, I got a camera. You can read about it here.

Excited cannot even begin to describe the emotions I was feeling. I thank my father for understanding and funding me. When I got it, he gave me talks on how to handle a camera and all those tips and tricks. I was having a blast. I was taking shots every other second. The most impressive thing about my camera, which I am yet to name because I am very attached to it, is the zoom. I am in love with it. It is not the best out there but for a start-up, I feel pretty damn good about it. 
These are two photos. I zoomed these two people from the window where I took the first shot.

Short-lived was my joy, you may say because two weeks later the LCD screen looked like the below picture. It broke. It fell. It crushed my heart. It was so painful because I was just from lovingly holding and admiring it before I put it down…carefully…to continue packing my bags because I was being dropped off to school that afternoon. 8 months of holiday was what Moi University gave to us. Moving my suitcase, I accidentally lifted the neck strap of the camera and in minutes it was down on the floor, broken together with my heart. I wept. Yes, I love my camera that much and more so because it had not yet even seen it’s better days. All the projects I had in mind had to come to a halt. The thought of LCD screens being expensive had not even began tormenting me. I could not bring myself  to tell my parents.
This is the camera's broken screen

It happened five weeks ago(meaning it is only 7weeks old) and I have not told anyone at home apart from my two sisters. You can always trust sisters to keep secrets. Of course I had encouraging friends who encouraged me. But I just let it sit under my bed. I was not shooting anymore. Why would I? How? I could only see less than a ¼ of the screen.

Days turned to weeks. I had plans after plans. I wanted to sell it, but it just sounded like a bad idea. I wanted to repair it, but where to get a genuine person to do that without having to worry about other parts of my camera being replaced. We know you do that. Take care of your valuables people. I am sure when I get to repair it I will actually stand there and watch the whole process, even if it is for a whole day. And if I have to come back the following day, best believe I am taking the half mended camera home with me. I do not trust easy when it is something of importance to me.

As time went by, I started shooting again. With a broken screen. This shoe shot was the first I did. Of course I had to intellectually guess or rather estimate before I landed on the perfect picture. I was impressed and slowly I began climbing back up the hole I had dumped myself in. I began taking shots. I began feeling confident about it again and as at now, I think I am much of an expert. I totally love and enjoy it. Although I have been met with questions like “How do you take shots without seeing?” and inquisitive glances too but that is below what can actually bother me.

I am back. I am shooting and I am loving it. You can see some of my shots on my instagram and also visit my online portfolio at Behance.My recent project being on Monochrome Portraits.

Happy poses.

This has to be the longest post I have ever done. Well, meh, when I feel like writing. Plus, I had missed my blog. Curses to the work load I get in school. It is well anyway. 
Cloth line. Took it earlier today.

Much love.



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