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PHOTOGRAPHERS. And the variety there are.

Everyone is a photographer. What with all the gadgets we have today equipped with cameras. Some at throw away prices. The professional ones may disagree, claiming photography is an art that not all master. But, have you seen all those selfies? After all, all you need to do is point and click, right? Wrong, photography is actually an art and getting that perfect shot can happen after many moons of trying. Either way, we all practice our photography skills, some just better than others.
Photo Credits: Gerty photography

Recently, I was at my sister’s prayer day. Prayer day, the day every high school student dreams of. Why? Because that is the beginning of your final exams which translates to beginning of the end of high school. High school has to be the hardest point in life, second to looking for a job. Well, depending on where you are at in life.

So, on this particular day, I was armed. Armed to the teeth. I had to check my list numerously the previous night. Clean lens, check. Storage empty, check. Camera cord, check. Right settings, check. Aside from the professional photographer the school had hired, I was going to be the other professional photographer on the ground. I was pretty excited for the day. Probably even more than my sister was. Away from it being her day, it was also my day to work with my most precious gadget. 

On arriving, it looked well set. It always does. The girls are everywhere and they are very cheerful. Moi Girls has very remarkable girls, I can say. Everything they did, reminded me of my high school years. How can someone miss a place they never liked? Anyway, the event was on and so was I. Well, my camera was on.
Setting nini nini. This was as we were being escorted to our seats

But I did not enjoy the glory for long. Why? Because like I earlier stated, everyone is a photographer, and they come in different packages and characteristics. And they all want to be recognized. I literally had no space to walk around gracefully and with pride with my bag of gold on my hands as others stared in awe. My previous night of dreaming how everyone would want to have me take a photo or two of them were washed down the drain by how the situation unfolded on the day. 

First, is the tablet craze. These are the ones that hold their tablet up to capture the moment. Doing so, they block other people’s view, but that is the least of their worries. They walk around all over you might think they are more concerned about showing off their possession than actually taking photos. They will always hold it up high. Some just higher than others.

Second, is the phone fanatic. These ones appreciate that their gadgets are smaller than the tablet, but still powerful (K Zoom fellas). Nevertheless, they do not hold them up so high. However, they will record everything recordable. When the choir is singing. When people are clapping. When a speech is given. When the priest is coughing. When the fly is flying. They are ready to press record. Never mind that these will be deleted from their phones in less than a week because they need more space for their applications. 

Third, is the digital camera freak. Well, aren’t they photographers. They take the photos alright, but the posture adopted during the shooting is the interesting bit. They want to appear like professionals and they want to have the best shot. They dash around in funny postures that leave you wondering if running the old-fashioned way is a crime for a photographer. When they get to the point where they want to photograph, they will clutch their cameras and adopt yet another posture. Almost all shots come with their customized positions. Others, will hold the camera to their eyes, regardless of the camera not having a view finder. They were my favorite lot :D

Last, is the professional one (which is where I am, you know, hehe). They are poised. They are very composed, very calm, very self-assured. They move around silently. They have no drama with them and they take the required shots. They do not need to announce their presence, you will just learn later that a photo was taken, you won’t know how. They know their gadgets.
I cannot recall what was happening, I think the priest was doing something, or the girls were being given gifts. But you see my point now.

As you can see, we are all photographers. Just at different levels with different characteristics and at the end of the day all that matters is a moment is captured and a memory is stored:)

I wrote this piece early November. It should've come up earlier, but either way, here it is.


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  1. Hahahaha. :-D :-D I must say, you nailed the descriptions to a T. I like. Very much.


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