Friday, 2 January 2015

2015. Fix it.

It's a Friday morning. The second day of the year. Unlike everyone else, I still believe in the new year new me nonsense that has already been actively shunned on social media. I have decided that this is the year that I need to get ahead both in my career journey and as a person. This time I have no excuse to hide behind I.e I'm still in campus, I will figure that out later. My campus life ended so quickly like the year itself, 2014. I literally blinked and I was done with my fourth year.

My resolutions are actually coming on well. I have installed an app called SmartNews to help me stay up to date with the current trends and especially those that relate to my fields of interest. I share these articles on my twitter and Facebook feed because I know where ever my CV will land there is a chance that they will click to see what I am about. And I want to look serious and well informed of course.

I have another app called FreeBooks, maybe not the best out there, but I seem to like it. This is to help me not waste time when I have time to waste. It's my digital novel. I rekindled my reading culture in 2014 and it is bound to get better in 2015. I am thinking of joining a book club too. My mission: Read. Read and Read. Knowledge is power. And besides, reading makes you look so cultured and it is a conversation starter:)

Thirdly, I have to revamp my presence on LinkedIn. My twitter is fine. Facebook, good to go. Google+, I'm there. Quora, every hour. Pinterest and Behance, once in a while. Instagram, daily thing. LinkedIn, its been ages. And we all know this is the app that you need to network. Networking is the easier way to get a job. That is what Google told me, and Techweez, and Quora, and a public speaker I cannot remember, and a friend. Those are enough people to make me question any doubts I had. It probably is the secret. People skills are imperative, otherwise I would not be wasting my time reading Dale Carnegie books.

Events, cocktails and parties are where you interact and network on the ground whereas LinkedIn is the online version. Everything has an online version. Dating, Business, meetings...etcetera. I need a proper online working presence, I am convinced.

So, after sending out applications during the week I figure I need to work on my profile. I download the app, I can almost hear you say "what? She didn't even have the app?" and to raise your brows even further I do not recall my password. But resetting it is easy as 123. I log in and this is new land to me. I was here over 200 days ago. Wow. I thought it was just 4 months ago. I see Shiku Ngigi over there. Shiku is the girl I will ever see anytime I log in, anywhere. Shiku is everywhere. She is the ultimate online guru. I go through her profile. I see she has been endorsed and also recommended. Hmm, I like. I go through a random girl's profile. Same case scenario. I go through almost 5 other profiles and with each profile I don't want to click on mine. Heaven knows what is waiting for me. Last I remember I put teaching as my skill and Girl guide as activities. If this were you, this is the part where you tsk and ask yourself the big question "Are you serious?!" 

I hope against all hope that no one has been viewing my profile. I am not even sure I want to view it myself. If me and my profile were to be walking down the street I wouldn't have any eye contact and act like I was alone, but that wouldn't work because my T-shirt would have the words 'I'M WITH STUPID---->' written on it and we well know who or rather what, the arrow is pointing at. 

Apparently, I can get to see who viewed my profile. I check and there it was. My fears got confirmed. I want to press the home button of my phone and open any game I have and play my sorrows away. But I stay. And I look again. Two views from two companies I had sent my application out to during the week. Why did I ever open a LinkedIn account without the seriousness it deserved?

So, day 2 of the new year of resolutions. Fix my LinkedIn account.

Happy new year loves :*



  1. I once sent someone my LinkedIn url without even getting the custom url version. Smh. So, don't fret. We've been there. It gets better with practice. Do not compare your point A with like our point H or something. You're going places because you've picked out your holes. Fill them. Fix it. You go girl! Can't wait for your 2016 post full of wisdom. :-)

    1. Thanks girl:) I appreciate these little things that you tell me. They help a lot.

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  3. I absolutely love how you communicate your thoughts. Interesting read. Off to my LinkedIn profile. Sigh. I typed that as linked in first. Clearly, I have a lot to learn.

    1. Thank you:) Endorse and recommend me while you are there lol

  4. Amazing read my gal...I love the flow and the to my linkedIn pap...blessed 2015 sweety!


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