Thursday, 8 January 2015

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman

It's a golden evening, one of those I love. The sun is just setting in the horizon reminding me of Lion King. I am with a friend at a local Milk bar whiling the minutes away having Ice cream. Before this day, the last we had met was over 365 days ago. 365 days are enough to change a person. From social life to personal opinions to priorities and even attitude towards the people from your past. I have had rude shocks to back that up. So as we hooked up on this day, I wasn't sure what to talk about and therefore I just sat in my corner of silence and observed. Maybe he isn't into meeting people he went to primary school with because something happened to him as a child so I am purely serving as a reminder. Maybe he is too much into his present life, catching up with an old friend is total time waste. Such were the thoughts I was having. But as it turned out, this guy, let's just say, made my evening.

He has a distinct character that I like. He keeps talking. I am speaking for myself here. Naturally, I am an introvert. And I can only but obey the law of 'magnetic attraction'. Like poles repel, unlike poles attract. People who talk have this sort of energy that I love hanging around. On the other hand, I am the queen of awkward silences. Shun me if you may.

So as you may have concluded, our conversation was going good. No breaks or stops, just smoothly moving. I personally have a conversation cycle. The observing phase where I make notes about you. I have a yardstick in my head already. If you are funny, we'll get along. If you are smart, same reaction. Witty, I like. Dumb, I get amused. Proud, you annoy me. Second is the decision making phase, where I decide to go out of my comfort zone and keep talking to keep you around because I like you. Or I decide to just be quiet and look uninterested until you get bored. It always works. Phase three is the Verdict stage. Here is where I form my general opinion about you. In this situation, I had already reached my verdict.

I presume by now you are wondering where this is going. With the topic I have, I should've immediately delved into a paragraph that makes you feel like you are right smack dab in the middle of a Justice League episode. Right? Well...let's just get into it. Here's how the specific conversation went:

K: Were you affected as a Child by Superheroes movies?

I pause for a moment. I am not sure what he means. The statement is a bit ambiguous to me so I give a plain no.

Me: Umm no, in what way do you mean?

K: Like, did you ever sit and wait for your super powers to show.

Mind=blown. Ok, I was literally blown away. I did not know how to process this. I was afraid of laughing, because who knows, I could be hurting his feelings, but I just couldn't hold it. He didn't seem to mind either. I knew people got affected after watching Superhero movies. I grew up with kids who'd tie sheets around their necks and run around making a funny 'swoosh' sound. If you'd ask, they'd tell you "I'm flying!" That was normal. But I never met a kid who believed they existed, and so they would stay up and wait for them. 

Personally, I loved the movies.They excited me. Together with all the Disney princesses. I grew up watching them and I loved them. I was surprised, last year, when I read an article criticizing Disney for giving girls an unrealistic view of how they should look like. Big beautiful eyes, flat tummy, thin lips, gorgeous hair. If you ask me, that's reading too much into something. Just watch the movie and enjoy. But that's just me.

Back to my friend.

I bet he used to dream of the day he'd wake up and he'd feel different. And he'd look at his chest and he'd see the mighty S, or in his case, mighty G, looking mightier than might itself. And he'd realize he is in a costume that he'd now don and walk out of the house and head to school, walking like he ran the streets. No, scratch that. He'd fly. His quest? To seek revenge on his classmates who bullied him.

He goes on...

K: You know. Sometimes I would wait all day looking at the Sun hoping that Superman would appear.

Oh my God. I cannot take it. I am laughing so hard. Ok, I was trying not to look hysterical. But I was so amused. People actually did wait for Superman. Or Batman. That'd be cooler. Him driving on the streets in his cooler than life  Batcycle. Spiderman? Who would actually care if he existed.

And as if that wasn't enough he continues. I am 100% sure he was enjoying it too.

K: Then I had this imaginary friend. He was called Ninja. He'd talk to me and he'd tell me things. One day he told me he would come for me and take me to China and he'd teach me Kung fu. After a year he just disappeared.

*Tears* I cannot take it. That means he used to talk to himself. If anything, when I get to be a mother and I see my boy talking to himself, I'd know I am in the era of The Return of Ninja.

I may have laughed at him but come to think of it, every boy obsessed over a superhero, just like girls obsess over Cinderella.  I have two other friends, one a Kal El fan the other, Dark Knight. (Those are other names for Superman and Batman) their Whatsapp pictures always ALWAYS revolve around that. I once told the Batman that he is my personal Batman, his response was "It comes with a lot of responsibility".

My twin brothers, when they were younger we'd call them Soldier and Commando. Call them that now there's no telling what will land on your face.

See you in my next post :)



  1. Hahahahahahahaha. This is just brilliant. Brilliant I tell you. Quite the enjoyable read. Personally, I didn't wait for Superman to show, instead, I waited for my powers to show. I would have this story in my head about having secret powers that would be triggered one day by that bully who used to share my snacks at school(without my permission). Do you remember Dark Angel? Sometimes I still wish I had Jessica Alba's character's powers. Tell your friend that one day he will wake up with a mighty G on his chest and I will have a bar-code at the back of my neck, and we will walk into the sunset in the quest for The Lost Ninja. We may need your future son as a guide.

    1. Hahahaha your comment left me in stitches. I may as well join in the quest for The Lost Ninja, looks like its an adventure worth tagging along. I do rem, you were such a fan. I am sure Nancy Drew had an effect on you too. I only imagined how I would kick ass like Charlie's Angels or Kasumi in DOA.

  2. Maybe you never got attached to movies or stories. Many of us did. Too attached in fact.

    I once read a story of a Dutch Prince and Princess. That was back in class one. He was a lost prince. Nobody knew the guy was the prince until he was around 10 and there was a red glow on his chest. I can't tell you how I looked forward to being ten.

    Remember Dexter's Laboratory? I have always wanted an underground lab where I can build kickass stuff. Around class 7 ndio I realised that it is impossible. I keep the dream alive though.

    Superman was my all time favourite. Especially when bullied around. I used to tell myself nobody knows Clark is Superman when he's around them.

    I didn't quite get batman though.

    Movies become you (or you become movies/stories) when you're a kid. You find yourself dreaming and even fighting imaginary wars and having imaginary friends or supporters. You even have imaginary conversations. It's normal.

    1. Ok, let us start with the Batman bit, am I seriously the only who finds Batman cooler than Superman? I got bored with those Smallville episodes, Story haiishi. I bet that is why I tend to think of him as boring.

      Secondly, I love this lol. How you waited to be ten. I do not really remember myself waiting to be a certain age for something to happen. I read a lot of imaginative books by Enid Blyton though. I used to love them because I wanted to imagine something out of the ordinary. It gave me a thrill. That is the only thing I used to get /look for from books and movies.

      It is totally normal, I do understand and I am glad I did this post:) It is really exciting listening to someone's childhood experiences. Thanks for sharing Dickson:)


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