Tuesday, 10 March 2015


I know International Women’s day has just passed and it was impressive to see people appreciate their Mothers so much. Not saying that Fathers are missing the mark, they are equally important as well.

Recently, while on traffic heading home from work, the woman behind me received a phone call. I had no intention of overhearing her conversation but she had leaned over her seat and so her mouth was basically inches from my ear and the conversation went on for quite long. She was talking to her two daughters, mothering them over the phone. Here’s a snippet that made me go back to my childhood days.

Her: Ati Unasema nini Shiro? Hauna Kitabu ya homework? Na yenye nilikununulia? Ati imepotea? Hebu tumia ya Shiko nitakuletea ingine, lakini nikifika nyumbani utanitambua.

Who remembers these threats? I certainly do. They’d leave you wishing your parent’s Boss would make them sleep at work. Of course, we were using Landline telephones at that time:)

The whole conversation made me appreciate the lengths our parents went through to mold us into the people we are today. At that age, it only seemed like it was a war between them, and us. Only now does it make sense.

I received a Phone call from my Dad today. The last time we had talked was a couple of days ago. He is a retired man right now and so he has a lot of time on his hands. To make some money, he has ventured into a couple of businesses, which he admits can be quite frustrating (Entrepreneurship 101). He said something to me that really hit me.

“Call us more often; we need to hear your voices. We need the reassurance that you love us”

Growing up and leaving your parents’ house is hard for them, even if they do not admit it to you. Call them frequently. It is easy to get caught up in the 8-5 kind of life, and even though you are sending money home at the end of the month, what they really need is to hear your voice, and that you love them.

Challenge: Call home right now.



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