Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Who does not love lunchtime? Who?

Lunchtime is that hour, or two, that everyone really waits for. I remember as a girl in primary school, I would think about lunch the minute I stepped out of the gate to head to school. Even the thought of getting a beating for the questions I failed in GHC (yes, GHC) could not get in the way.

And I am sure I was not alone. Even as we drank our juice and ate our biscuits during tea break, we all know that was to keep us strong to make it to see lunchtime. The juice was for the energy, lest we gave up on the way. The biscuits were to help us keep our focus which was 'Make it to see Lunchtime'

We had different diets in our primary school. From Ugali to Githeri to Rice and to the ever favorite Chicken. Chicken days were filled with excitement. Those were the days you would think the number of students had doubled. It was the complete opposite of the situation when githeri was being served. Students looked forward to the day. The Chicken day. Every Friday of the month. Some would even dress their best. Why? Lunchtime!

As a child, missing lunchtime was a big deal. Aside from the health repercussions, it was almost a taboo. Lunchtime was the highlight of the day. The loudest of laughs, the funniest of jokes and the brightest of smiles happened during this hour. I cannot recall a day I missed lunch. It was a very important moment for all of us. Besides, it brought us as children together.

It was the moment where friendships grew stronger, as we would book a space for a friend to sit. A place to laugh, as we would slip on banana peels sometimes and have the whole dining hall roar with laughter. It was the time to show togetherness as we pressed the taps for each other when it was time to wash our hands. It was also the time to catch up as we waited for the queue to move. We also got to make new friendships during lunch hour i.e sharing a table with a member from a different class.

Lunchtime was that moment in school, that nobody loved to miss:)

Join us as we donate a lunchbox for a child this Easter at the Kids Comp Camp Campaign.Kids comp camp is an initiative to help kids in marginalized communities catch up with the digital age. So far, we have reached out to 130kids and aim to reach out to 1000 kids this year.

The lunchbox campaign targets to feed all the kids attending the camps in 2015. A lunchbox is food for ONE kid for ONE camp at only 200/=.

You can donate a lunchbox via Lipa na Mpesa till no 308199. Share with all people. Helping a child to help a child.



  1. I remember those lunches. Good old days. Would definitely want my kids and all other kids to experience and enjoy such moments. I will def get involved and donate:)

  2. Thank You so much Otsyula, for being a part of this:):):):)

  3. I was just talking to my brother about Waweru's cooking...memorable.


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