Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Of accidental days.

It's been a rather interesting day today. As I write this I am seated in a Matatu headed home. Earphones plugged in, listening to some Lecrae. The race or rather competiton between private cars and matatus to get to their destination is at its best. Hooting and shouting and throwing up of hands hysterically by kanges is the current situation.

It rained today morning. People residing in dusty areas should be most appreciative. That annoying cold has been doing rounds for too long. Anyway, it rained and I was glad. I needed to go through a day without having to comment on the heat, or throwing an annoying glance at the Sun, that eventually turns into a pleading gaze.

As is the norm, the monotonous routine, I am on my way to work. On alighting, I see a bus belonging to Walokana Sacco with a messed up bumper. You will forgive my lack of knowledge in matters cars. This bus is in a bad state. I feel bad for it but I had no time to dwell on it, you know, roaming around the area hovering close to people in order to overhear what happened.

Lunch hour comes. With all gladness, me and my workmates leave the office tumbo mbele. After calming our pangs, we head back. Our enthusiasm abandoning us with every step. I notice a group of people. Yeah you guessed right. Another accident. This time a private car and a Dial A Delivery guy. The guy is okay, apart from what I believe was a slight concussion. He could stand and see but was quite lightheaded. His motorbike was on the other side of the road. The Pizza was all safe and sound. The car though, major problems.

Five o'clock, I am heading home. Walking in Nairobi streets can be hectic, especially after 5 in the evening. The trick for me is never to walk at the center of the pavement. That's where the real test is. So, life is going on as usual, then we hear a loud bang and sound of glass breaking. Everyone stops, myself included :D, to see. A City Hoppa had, not exactly rammed, but something close, maybe slightly rammed into another one. We all stand there for a while to take it in until reality hits, these buses will not be making us dinner. We start moving. Others stay behind, very annoying habit. Talking about "Huyo alipe!"

And because of my day, I 'accidentally' decide to write something;)



  1. You should accidentally stumble upon a host provider and buy a domain. We should soon be visiting gertiesheshe.com for all your awesome photography and writings! This comment was accidental.

  2. Haha it's like a little bird told you my plans:) It will be up soon.


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