Sunday, 29 March 2015


This is war. This is not clash of the Titans. This is not Thor vs Loki. Neither is it Captain America, the first Avenger. No, this is the Ultimate war. This isn't Mario fighting to get to the castle everyday to rescue the princess. This is not Mortal Kombat, waiting for the announcer to shout "Finish him!". No, this is the Ultimate battle. No, nobody is answerable to The Agents of Shield. No, nobody receives orders from Nick Fury. Not in this War.

All Soldiers answer to His call. Commando is beneath His Command. Judge Dredd is under His justice. No amount of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash or Hawk Eye can win this. They can all suit up and show up, but they will have gone to war in the wrong attire.

Every day, I got to die. Every day I need to put myself to death. Every day, I have to destroy myself. Every day I go to war. Every day I fight. I fight myself. It's a raging war within me. The battlefield, my mind. It's either life or death. Swords clashing, voices ordering commands. I am under attack but I will not submit until I defeat the Enemy. I will not calm down until I have the Enemy under my feet. I will not heave a sigh of relief until I bring my Opponent down. I am not leaving this Ring, I am fighting to the death.

His orders, loud and clear. I remember. Showing up to War everyday to be slain. Ready for battle to submit to defeat. His orders, He kept shouting loud and clear. I heard them, but I listened to the Enemy. He mocked, laughed, joked and drew me to his feet. Everyday was another battle lost. Every day was another day of Victory. Victory over my Surrender.

I could have Iron man wear his Body of Metal. I could have the entire Justice League behind my back. I could ride in Batman's Batpod and have access to endless armor. I could be Invincible like Chuck Norris. Deductive like Sherlock. Heal like Wolverine. Five master senses like Sentinel and have a mighty staff like Gandalf. But, it would still be a war lost. An army slain. A battle defeated.

Not until His orders are heard and His Arms we hold on to. Not until in His Trust we trust and from His Strength we draw ours. Not Until His Armor we put on will we win.

The Belt of Truth. The Breastplate of Righteousness. The Shoes of Readiness. The Shield of Faith. The Helmet of Salvation. The Sword of The Spirit.

Everyday rise up for war. Everyday rise up to fight. Everyday put on your armor to bring down the Enemy. Everyday show up at the battle field. Everyday is war. Everyday is war. Show up to slay, because the ultimate defeat is Death. Death of the body. Death of a Soul. Eternal Death.

So, show up and Fight. The battle is between your Flesh and your Spirit.




  1. Totally love this. "Everyday rise up to fight." Thank you.

    Plus now I know you read and watch awesome stuff. You must really love superheros and fantasies. Great!

  2. Everyday is war.
    I read this blog religiously.
    Keep writing, Keep surprising!!


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