Thursday, 30 April 2015


Last night, somewhere between me watching Shark Tank episodes and reading articles on Desiring God, my phone vibrated, notifying me of a new Hangouts message. I only have three people who religiously send me Hangouts texts and not Whatsapp texts, I applaud them for their exclusivity. This one happened to be from Dickson. Dickson, is a fellow blogger/writer who I have met many times, online. Which is peculiar because we went to the same Campus and the same Faculty but never actually met in person. Anyway, Dickson is on my Hangouts and he is laughing hysterically. And he drops the bomb of how he has just found himself in my 2010 Facebook posts.

2010 Facebook posts.

Let that sink in.

5 years ago.

Almost 5 years.

2010 was the year just after clearing high school, and I remember I had with me this kind of excitement. Facebook had just launched a few years back (2004 precisely, but Kenyans as certified latecomers..) and twitter was not so popular, so it was a craze at the time. I remember how I patiently waited to finish school so I could get myself the oh so glorious Facebook account that my friends had been singing about. I got myself one, and I was on a roll.

It was the time all my friends were new to Social Media as well, and we knew so little about how we needed to have self control. Social Media has this way of beckoning you to write things, share things, anything, personal or not, things you would only say when you are alone in a dark cave in a lonely forest. And so when Dickson told me he had been in my posts, I was not sure what to think, because I have never really cleared up my timeline per se. I just sat in the comfort of, nobody will ever go back that far. Until Facebook decided to come up with an algorithm that arranges your posts according to years.

So, I took a walk down that road and here's what I found. I have not yet come to terms that I once wrote like this. These are some of the updates, exactly as written;

 Gotea hyo risto ka uliwai ongeza skari kwa chewing gum.

Kumbe udaku za salon hushika hivi!! hehe! hebu nishuke poloepole niziskie zote!

Msifikirie 2010 will b diff..hakuna payrise ama free ma3 ride ama wateva ur hoping4..endeni bed.

high skul lyf finally out of ma system! It's time to join the hustling club!!!

is taking a facebook break!!! [I think everyone did this dramatic announcement]

i think al hire a hit squad and kill all of u so that i can have facebook for myself ha ha ha(laughs evilly) [I had probably just understood the meaning of hit squad]

¥0uNg M0N3¥! R0g3r dAt!!![This is beyond embarrassing, I don't even listen to these people anymore]

Hebu mlike hii status kabla 2kosane!

ntakupack kwa box nku2me madagascar [I used to love this phrase, smh]

Going through what I post now and how I definitely think now compared to the past, there is a huge transformation. I have all kinds of mixed feelings when I look and think of myself in 2009/2010. I had this mantra, the YOLO mantra. I never cared. Life was just beginning for me. I was following no rules, not after high school I was not. I was full of so much nonsense I cringe when I read some of my posts.

Those were the days I would post over ten status updates in a day, spend almost the whole night commenting, liking and inciting. Anything that popped in my head went online. What is on your mind? That question was a trap. I basically had no control. Most of us did not. What big fools Facebook made out of us.

I may hate the platform right now, but it has done me well reminding me of how immature I once was. It has documented it nicely, arranged it according to years, all my foolish posts in the order of foolish, more foolish and most foolish. 

Thank you Facebook, greatly appreciated.

But one thing that struck me is, regardless of the manner we come to see it, people change, people grow and outgrow. It's the cycle of humans. What makes so much sense now, may just be the dumbest thing in the future. And it is through experiences and realizations that we get to change and learn and decide to live our lives the way we do. Frankly, at the time, if anyone had told me I was doing something foolish, I never would have bought that.

So, cheers Facebook, for reminding me of the changes I have made in my life, of the principles and standards I have adopted in my living, of the lies I once used to believe in and for basically giving me a good laugh.

It makes me wonder what my reaction will be years to come. I may look back at this post and say really? I wrote that? Well, future me, I wait to hear what you will say to this.

Happy Throwback:)



  1. hahaha. The young money dat sijui nini one got me in stitches. It's true that we change. We just do not notice it often, not unless we come face to face with 'past us.' It is something to be celebrated when you can look at 'past you' and 'present you' and think, "I like who I have become." or better yet, "I like who God has changed me into."

  2. Time changes. And time changes fast! Sometimes we think we haven’t changed. We think we haven’t made any strides in life. And we feel empty.

  3. 1. Yes, Dickson was indeed stalking you. 2. Yes, we all made our dramatic exits from Facebook. Several times.


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