Sunday, 3 May 2015

Social Media and Dowry.

One morning, not so long ago, I woke up and left the City. Not because I was tired of the depressing economy therefore I was on mission rudi ocha. Not because I was tired of the congestion in the city and the somewhat poor conditions, when it rains you are just not sure if the water quietly seeping in your shoes is purely rain water. Not because of the curse named Traffic Jam that was slowly snatching hours away from me as I helplessly watched. No, none of the above. I left because I had to. Duty calls, others may say.
It has been a couple of days of me being away and  I have been in most parts of this country. Travelling, Work or Road trip, take your pick and improve your imagination. And because whenever I go outdoors there is always something to write home about, here I am with my tales.
Social media.
You'd be surprised just how many of us are riding the social media bandwagon. I mean, I know we are many, the numbers are clearly telling but even the unexpected are catching the fever.
7:00 O'clock in the evening. My father has picked us up and we are headed to one of his favorite nyama joints in town just to give us that family moment.
Because it is a family moment and we are living in times where social media infestation is real, the number one rule was to put our phones away, no touching it unless you are receiving a phone call. Number two rule, upon receiving the phone call, these are the words to say:
"In a Family meeting, I'll call you back"
Violate the rules and you will receive a command louder than the Teargas Awino teacher who was shouting at the boy at the back of the class threatening to slap him.
Well, the temptation always bites and the weak ones always fall. In the normal scenario it is is the younger generation who'd be the fallen soldiers, but things were different here. I observed my dad pick his phone, press a few buttons and look up to say;
"I have 34 unread messages"
My eyebrow went up. Yes, one brow went up. That rarely happens unless I am surprised and intrigued at the same time. I was baffled.
My mum even rose the brow further when somewhere between us eating and having conversations she got lost in her phone and when my dad called her out for it, she was hesitant to put the phone down because she was,
Wait for it...
In the middle of a chat.
She puts it down eventually and as it happened they were both now discussing how they need to take pictures under a certain tree or with a certain cow (my dad farms) so as to put up as their new profile photos.
One word. Dumbfounded.
In this scenario, I sat through a conversation on dowry. Dowry. The dreaded word or the loved word, depending on the gender of the reader/speaker.
So, Mr. X, X because we don't need to know him, is talking about how it is easier to invest in his daughter than in his son. This point was inspired by another point he was putting across earlier of how his daughter has just as enough right to his property as his son.
His point was, he invests more in his daughter because of dowry. He says that his daughters will be bringing wealth towards him when they get married while his sons will be taking it away from him.

I sat there listening, sipping my tea slowly, because I was not the other participant in the conversation. All was good until a thought crawled in my mind, like a caterpillar that appears out of nowhere.
If dowry is such a big deal in family wealth, how about giving birth to a 'balanced gender' i.e. two boys and two girls. But have the girls come first. Of course I realize how flawed this idea is but the caterpillar kept crawling.
When the girls get married, keep the wealth that comes in as dowry. When the boys want to marry, use this wealth as payment of their dowry. Keeping all things constant (read economy) You don't necessarily lose a cent. Brilliant huh?
Let me leave it here before this Caterpillar makes my mind dive into the depths of the sea named Ridiculous.
See you when I get back to the city.


  1. Hahahahaha. I see I forgot to post my laughter first time I read this. Just read it again and here goes: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, you kill me. HEHEHEHEHE! And for the sake of visualization: ROTFLMAO. :-)

  2. Hahah my Sistooo. Thank you for reading now. I have picked this Nigerian accent already


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