Friday, 21 August 2015

Book Review: Street Kid

Once upon a time, I had two blogs. Two because I wanted to feel and appear organized. This other less popular blog that I am about to close down only contains a couple of book reviews and opinions on literary works. This review is one that I wrote, I read this book in 2013 and I still rate it as one of the best pieces I have ever read.


Author: Judy Westwater.

Honors: The Sunday Times Bestseller.

Genre/Theme: Memoir.  Autobiography. Abuse. Violence.

I read this book a year ago(2013) but the story is still fresh in mind. This tells you well enough that it is a satisfactorily written book. The story flows so freely I kept turning the pages obliviously.  It is one of those books that keep beckoning you to read more.

This volume is about a young girl, Judy, who was abandoned by her mother, together with her two sisters to fend off for themselves, which actually meant scavenging. Their mother was married at a tender age of 18 to their psychotic father who masqueraded as a spiritualist who ripped unsuspecting individuals out of their hard earned money. Having had enough, Judy’s mother left them. Their father then gave the girls up to a homeless couple. 

Later on their mother came back, pregnant. Her husband who was now living with a live-in girlfriend, demanded to have the baby adopted if she wanted a roof over her head. After birth when she showed no signs of giving up her new baby, their father, furious as a bull infuriated, came to see to it that his terms were met. A big fight ensued and this led to Judy being dragged out of the house and taken to live with her father and his girlfriend. They later ran out of town. This is the beginning of Judy’s tear-jerking life.

At the age of three, she goes through experiences that if I were to have a measure of them as old as I am, I would break. She lived to bear every single day. Being separated from her mother and sisters to live with her beast of a father and his insensible girlfriend was just the tip of the ice berg. Judy narrates situation after situation of her wretched life that will leave you with a lump on your throat, and many there are. She tells her story from age three to age Seventeen.

She does not bring you to pity her but rather appreciate her resilience, her positivity, her tenacity. This story can actually make you put down the book if you are not strong enough. Being based on a true story, it makes you question the human heart, how it is capable of doing some things but it also uplifts you as the same human heart is shown to rise above the actions.

The last chapters of the story have an interesting twist that will give you a pint-size heartbreak but also have you feel proud of her.

I have this book in hard copy and every time I hold it, it all comes back. This girl’s story is not easily forgotten.

For more information about her charity campaigns you can visit
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