Sunday, 2 August 2015

Story time. Mash-up. Let's nduthiz!

Please. If you are sane, ignore the title of this article.

July flew past like it’s on an emergency errand and August is on its 3rd day already. At this rate, I’ll blink and it will literally be the end of 2015 even before I get used to writing /15 on my dates.  They do not lie when they say time flies. I was to put this up last month but it was all in my head and not yet on paper and for some reason this guy in my mind was so good at screaming ‘Procrastinators assemble!’ and I would gleefully obey. (Don’t pick up my bad habits). Today I told him to sit himself down, and so here I am with my article, which is a mash up of whatever, keep reading to find out.

So one morning I woke up and saw this notification on WhatsApp. Someone had decided to create a group in the dead of the night, no scratch that, in the dead of the dead of the night and saw it fit to make me the group admin. What a way to make my morning.  I just laughed it off but it was at this point that it dawned on me I am actually the admin of six WhatsApp groups. Let that sink in. Interesting thing is, I was appointed without request in all these groups apart from one. I appreciate the fact that people can identify my apparent leadership skills, even when the group is created past midnight like it is an illegal thing, I still fit the bill. 

Now I cannot stop thinking about that Mama, I made it joke. If our WhatsApp roles were actually considered in job interviews though, I’d be on that leading list laughing. 

Speaking of interviews, recently a couple of friends and I were having a discussion on how to hack an interview. You know, after campus, you begin to realize you have been thrown out into the world half-baked if you are lucky, some just come out raw with completely no sense of career direction and other things. This is where you pull yourself up by your bootstraps and begin to make a head or tail out of things and begin to expose yourself to learn the important and crucial skills (Have you guys read The Defining Decade by Meg Jay? Good Book if you just completed college, or still in college).

The conversation made me realize that most of us lack in communication skills and how to handle an interview. I practically sat through a Communication Skills class but never practiced the art at all. To drive this point home, here is how the conversation went.

       A: So how do you answer the ‘Tell us about yourself’ question?

      B: That is the trickiest question for me; you just cannot tell what they want to hear.

      C: Kuna boyz wangu btw, he was asked that question and he began ‘I was born in…’ and he was   stopped. Ukishakatazwa unaanza kuload tena alafu unaanza ‘I am a man named...’

Talking of languages, English is not as easy as we think it is. We seem to see it as easy because all the people we hang out with went to school and therefore do not really have a hard time understanding the language. Even though, constructing a proper complete English sentence is still hard for some. You will know your English is lacking, or is good when you have to explain a concept to a panel, that requires you to speak proper English for that matter.

On that point of talking. I think I have come to accept the fact that we have accents for particularly everything and everyone. It has become quite a norm for me to hear someone speaking to their friends in a Matatu with very plain hood accent and switch it up to English Scholar with American accent when they receive a call from a client or their boss. You can literally tell how important someone deems you according to the manner in which they talk to you. If you are ever being spoken to in Kiswahili, begin questioning, you could be the mtu wa mkono in that person’s life.

And on that accents note. Why do we always suddenly acquire the American accent when we spend a few weeks or even receive a phone call from the States? If you learn that quick come talk to me with a Russian accent after a few weeks in Moscow, that is the only time I will buy it, otherwise, stop denying your homeland accent a chance to shine.

I work for a certain Travel Company as a blogger and recently, as I was bashing my head for some ideas, I decided to ask the people I was with. They'd share their ideas and I would build up on them. It is called letting other people's brains work for you, try it sometime:) This is how the conversation went:

But before we get to it, it is always good manners to explain the setting. There are five people in this room, a living room. Me, the distressed girl who is torn between looking at her code and writing an article for her boss, Cynthia, my sister, who is such an amazing cook, because we are munching away at her homemade Pizza, Vincent, who writes refreshing articles here, and his beautiful wife, Maggie, who has this amazing capability of making you feel very comfortable around her but still look up to her, and lastly Tedd, a young man who just does not get why and how people listen to classical music.

They are all busy sampling Beethoven, Cicero and Vivaldi when I jump in for their help. Oh, if the names sound unfamiliar, these are classical music composers.

      Me: Give me ideas on what to write bana.

Their answer remains the best thing I have heard all week.

      Trinity Baptist Church, Hot Destination point!!



  1. "If you are ever being spoken to in Kiswahili, begin questioning, you could be the mtu wa mkono in that person’s life."

    Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I cannot.

  2. Wow, i like the energy in that. Awesome read, especially when you need an 'excursion' from writing code. Thanks for that.

    PS. I can send you a document on how to answer those interview questions. Very precise and covers the most asked questions, a cheat sheet if you may. Cheers

    1. Please do Alvin, I know many people who'd use that:) Thanks for reading too.


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