Saturday, 24 October 2015

Life. Love. Her. Technology.

Life is funny. I think I say that way too many times. Maybe it is because of how things happen unexpectedly to the unexpected. Maybe it is because of how quickly our confidence shifts, one day we are sure of something and the next day we are not. Maybe it is because our perspectives shift, what we were comfortable doing while we were 18 do not make sense now. The word for that is change. Or growth. We change and grow through experience. Experience is what happens to you, and most times, you do not decide that. But the change, resulting to growth is inevitable. 

Anyway, hello people! I am back, after many weeks of…not being back. My time and attention have been, for all this time, taken by Andela. Andela is that awesome place I call my workplace, btw. If you are a tech freak, or simply love code and want to solve problems with that, you should visit their site and increase the chances of us being workmates :D. That means I will share with you these blog stories first hand before they even see Microsoft Word (yeah, I start from there, don’t judge me). It also means you get to have access to smart minds that challenge you and opportunities that build you and lessons that make you grow at a level you did not in all your 8-4-4 years, and I have not been paid to say that. 

I am a Woman in Technology. Six months ago, I would not have been confident saying that. I studied a Technology course and a few months out of campus, I was sure as beans is beans that I was not going to land a job in relation to Tech, or it would take me a while before I did so. I was landing more social media/ blogging jobs than I was software development. In fact, I did not bag any Software Dev job. The closest I got to that was sending a cover letter accompanied by the CV, I had mastered the art. 

Being a Woman in Tech has opened my eyes to things, some of which I was experiencing, and I never even knew. Before I get to that let me share this. In my last Internship, before I started working where I am now, I was trusted more with tasks such as filing and writing articles for the website than coding and resolving hardware problems. I was uncomfortable, but I did not speak up. Why? Because I was slowly beginning to accept it as a norm. When I was in school, less than a year ago, I shared with someone my passion for code and I vividly remember being told to brace myself because it is tougher for women in this field. I do agree, and there are many reasons for that.  

Why do you think I did not have confidence that I would get a job in Tech? Because I believed I could not do it. Because there were very few women in the field that I could look up to and that could mentor me. Because I believed it is a man’s thing, I can never be good at it. Because I felt, oh well, I am a woman, they never pick the women.  

But that has changed. The past few months have shown me that I can do this. It has shown me that it is not a gender thing but a matter of passion and hard work. A good number of women graduate in STEM fields, but that does not translate into the number of women we see at the work place. Why? So many articles online aim to explain this. Some say women are a liability. Some say women are not smart enough. Some say women just have too many issues. Some say, some say, some say, but I say this, Women can do it. Women are smart too. Women can code too. Women can solve problems. For the record, I am not saying this with banners in my head shouting "Out with the men!". No, in fact, learning from men is a brilliant experience, I can tell you that for free. And I am also not telling women to leave their families, if you ask me, a woman who dedicates her full time nurturing her home/family has no lesser value than the other at the work place.

A few day ago, someone told me I share quite some personal things on my blog (she will know herself when she reads this :P). I was a little surprised, I actually began running all my post in my mind to see which one went overboard and I could not find one. When I started my blog, the reasons I had then are not the reasons I have now. Right now, every time I sit to write, I think, let me write this in a way that the future me can read and remember every single detail of my life now. And this is what may lead me to write articles that may seem personal to other people, which is okay. They may not be comfortable sharing the same information about themselves, but I find no problem doing so:)

Love. Love is a beautiful thing. No doubt. 10 months ago, I may not have said the same thing, but truth is, Love is a great thing. But the thing with love is that, many things can blind us. Desperation, Fear, Worry, Insecurity, Identity. All these Masquerade as Love for many people, myself included. It is easy to point out when someone else is acting out of the above emotions, but very difficult to see it in yourself. That is why the saying goes, we are good at giving other people advice but ourselves. I have learned that it helps to take a step back and simply look. And ask, why do I like this person? Being honest with yourself is not what many of us like to be. Nobody wants to tell themselves "I think I am with this guy because I am desperate", but doing this helps in more ways than you can imagine. 

Being single for the past ten months has made me see things in different ways. Most times you think that you only need to be disciplined when you are in a relationship, but I think you need to be even more disciplined when you are single. There is the tendency to emotionally attach yourself to different men without even realizing it, most times in the name of friendship. There is also the tendency to have an extreme wandering eye because you apparently don't feel accountable to anyone. Many people hurt themselves this way. Maybe most of you may not get what I am saying, but the point I am trying to pass across is, when you are single, guard your heart even more.

NB: There is an Annual African Women in Technology conference on the 14th of next month hosted by AkiraChix. Ladies, purpose to attend and learn a few things from other women about what it is like to be in this field. Read more here.



  1. I love it! Self-discovery is a beautiful thing. Represent those of us who left coding! ;-)

    1. Haha girl, I know you still code when you have time yeah? I thought of you a couple of times as I was writing this post btw, the internship paragraph especially :D but mostly because I consider you a strong WIT. Yes, I look up to you. You can now sleep with your shoes tonight :D

    2. If you call playing with web code, coding, then yes. :P Oh I am so sleeping with my shoes all week. :'D

  2. This is candid!All the same, it is good to remain hopeful despite the various hurdles...I'm inspired...keep up!


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Life is funny. I think I say that way too many times. Maybe it is because of how things happen unexpectedly to the unexpected. Maybe it ...

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