Monday, 21 December 2015

Know your Support System

Support is one thing every human needs to push through life. It may not be the only thing, but it is one of the things that solidifies the backbone of a person's confidence and their source of strength. That's why we have friends and families, mentors and supporters, to establish a relationship with that become the root of our support system. We have all heard of people say they survived tragedies because, aside from the grace of God, they had a good support system (still God's grace)

I have learned over the past few months the importance of this. Stressful situations do bring out your desire and yearning for support from the people in your life or around you. Most times they are there, but other times, unfortunately, you get abandoned when you need them most. This could be because of mainly two things. It could be because you are not in good terms with the people who make up your support system or you built up your support system with the wrong material (read people)

For people to be in your support system, they do not necessarily have to be people who have gone through thick and thin with you, granted, most have, but sometimes it is just about people who support your goals and would like to see you grow. I learned my lesson when I realized that you can be blind to people you think are part of your support team, but are actually just trying to find your loop holes to take you down.

  1. Sometimes, it may look like you have a support team, but you actually don't.
  2. Building a new support system is harder than mending patches with the old ones. If you are not in good terms, you can always work things out.
  3. Be ready to fight alone sometimes. 
  4. A good support system is priceless:)



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