Thursday, 10 March 2016

Blog Closed? :)

It's crazy. How I get hits on my blog when I am not writing. I am trying to decipher what that could mean. Does it mean that I am being missed so that is a sign to let me know, or that my silence is more interesting, it gets more hits than an actual article?

I cannot tell. I can only hope it's the former.

Yes, I have been silent.

For a few weeks.

For a few months, really.

And I wanted to keep it that way for longer, but seems I cannot. I miss writing. I miss telling stories. I miss playing with words, and I miss clicking that 'share' button to reveal my work of art (hehehe) to the world.

I have had thoughts of closing down the blog. I have toyed around with it for a while. I have had thoughts of moving to a new domain that will include everything I want it to include. For a long time I have felt that I am limiting myself with this blog. Whenever I think what it is about, I really cannot tell. I love creative writing, where I can talk about anything. Share stupid stories. Stories that made me laugh. I also love Technology. I have written articles that have never seen the light of day, I only read them to myself. But that changed recently when I partnered with a friend from Nigeria and we started techinpink (show some support by sharing a post :D )

I also love Photography. I want to have an article that will have a story told by photos only. Show you the world through my lens, as cliche as it sounds. Finally, I am a Christian, and I have things I would like to write about my journey in Christ. Have a post that simply marvels at His Sovereign grace. Have another that tells of my total dependence in Him, and another to share my struggles. I want to write about that. I have written about that. I just...never share them.

For a long time, this blog was all about creative writing. And that's where the whole dilemma came from. What do you write about? A question I have hated for a long time. Whenever it was thrown my way I would hide under the answer... ANYTHING.

And that made me question myself so many times. What kind of a writer are you? A writer who does not know what she writes about. And so after many monologues in my head, I decided. I will not write anymore. I decided to give this blog a few more months, or years, just to remind myself of my works before I close it down to nothingness.

And it was going well.

until recently.

That I knew :)

I knew what I write about.

The answer came when I stopped searching. Maybe those words are actually true :D

I write about Technology, it is my passion and it has given me dramatic experiences. I write about Photography, because sometimes words simply fail. I write about my Spirituality, because it is the core of everything! It is my ultimate anchor and it is what I strive for everyday. At the end of it all, it's not my job that will be required of me. it's not the fancy glasses I wear or shoes I bought or the code I write or where I live. It's my soul.

And so, my blog is not closed.

Or maybe it is :D

But what I can say, I now know what I write about :)

It seems like a silly revelation, but it has been heavy on me for a while :)

See you in my next post.

Please ignore the dog in the photo, I just found it cute :)



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